The natural community is going crazy over a certain red rooted vegetable and that vegetable is the one and only beet. Beets are well praised for its large amount of health benefits and the people who are using it are reaping the rewards. Sure, eating beets fresh is great and all but have you tried organic beet juice powder if not then you should, and here are some benefits to drinking beet juice powder. 

 Beet Juice Powder

1.Helps with High Blood Pressure 

If you didn’t already know beets can boost nitric oxide which then opens up your blood vessels and thus lowering high blood pressure. Because of beet juice powder a lot of people can drop blood pressure drugs. After all most people are deficient only when it comes to natural nitric oxide boosters

2. May Prevent Cancer  
Beets are rich Betalains which is the cause of their rich color. And what are Betalaines? Well, Betalaines are water-soluble antioxidants and have chemo-preventive powers against some cancer cell lines. And they are also thought to be free radical scavengers and that makes them able to help in finding and destroying unstable cells in your body which is great in the long run.

3.Source of good minerals  

So, as we all know minerals in the body is something that we all need and some minerals maybe even most boost your immune system and others help in keeping your bones and teeth healthy here are some examples of the minerals that beet contains








4. Might reduce cholesterol
If you have high cholesterol and looking to lowering it try adding beet juice powder to your diet beet juice powder is likely good in cholesterol-lowering because of its phytonutrients . 

  1. Rich in potassium
    What is potassium? Potassium is a mineral Electrolyte and it helps our nerves and muscles in functioning properly. If your potassium levels get too low you will experience fatigue, weakness, and even muscle cramps. And dangerously low levels of potassium can lead to you having life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms. Drinking Beet juice can keep your levels of potassium in the body optimized


There is something to watch out for when your drinking beets, your urine or stools may turn pinkish or maybe even red this is harmless but will cause a panic if you don’t see it coming and this is a condition known as beeturia

Also monitor your blood pressure carefully especially if you have low blood pressure because as mentioned before beet juice can lower blood pressure and drinking beet juice can cause your blood pressure to drop to low so you have to keep an eye on that  

Next Up!

Beets no matter how you plate them or serve them up they are always going be healthy whether it be in a salad or just as it is but the superior way of enjoying beets is to juice it up and if you don’t like the beet juice as it then adds a couple to it.