The drinking scene has changed profoundly for the past ten years when you go into a bar or a club; you probably won’t go for the usual Corona or Heineken anymore. There are a lot of companies and business men who have a passion for beer and have figured out the art form in creating beer. A lot of people have taken home brewing seriously, and now there are hundreds of types of beer that you can choose from when deciding to go out for a drink. There are even a lot of bars that would have beer as their only thing in the menu with a lot of variety, but you will be impressed by the selection and the unique flavor that you will experience. Here, you will know all about the different kinds of Ale that you will stumble upon, and what taste you can expect, plus some great food combinations you can try to mix and match.

Artisanal Beer

Beer has a long and wide family tree, and the way they are categorized is how they are made, in the brewing factories. Mainly, there are two types of beer which are the Lagers, and the Ales. Beer is made by fermenting yeast, and these beers are differentiated in the location of where the yeast will be fermented. First, the lager type of beer has the yeast ferment on top of all the liquid, they are also fermented at a warmer temperature, and the end product shows that they have a higher alcohol content. When Ale is created, they use a more fragile and crumbly type of yeast, and this Is the reason why is ferments in the bottom. Unlike the lager, it will require low temperatures to ferment properly, and it takes a longer time to finish the process.

You may notice a lot of American Lager in bar menus; this is because this is one of the most produced types of beer in the world. You will notice that this is a very light beer when you take a sip, this will match the light color and low alcohol content. Since the alcohol is not so evident, then you can try pairing this with a spicy meal, as it will help extinguish the heat from the dish.

Dark lager beers are for those drinkers that want a bit more flavor and a tad bit more of the alcohol content. The darker your beer is, you can expect the alcohol to be stronger as well, and the taste will also be evident. With this type of beer, you can taste more of the malt and roasted flavor of the beer. This beer is best paired with meaty and cheesy dishes, as the thicker consistency of this beer will help bring everything down.

This is just scratching the surface of what the full menu of beer has to offer, the best way to get to know more about the different kinds will be to head out and try them out for yourself. It will also help to talk to owners, as they will be more than willing to help you fulfill your beer urges, and give you more than just good beer.