Shirts for Bigger Men 

There is no need for you to hide in a sack with no shape if you are carrying some extra weight. As a matter of fact, the most important thing that you need to bear in mind is that when dressing a bigger body build, you should always maintain the right fit. This is because ill-fitting and baggy shirts will only make you much bigger, while too tight shirts will be very damaging. It is actually best that you stick to a slim shirt or a regular fit shirt and then make sure that it is long enough that it can down to your buttock’s curves and then slim enough to skim your stomach and chest. And, for some security, you can also try a thick material shirt, in order to make sure that your feet supported yet not constricted. 

Dress Shirts for Smaller Guys 

If you are a bit shorted compared to the average when looking for a shirt that will look right and will not accentuate your small body form, then the process will be a little tricky. The best thing that you can do is to give a length illusion while adding up some streamlines appearance to your outfit. In addition to that, striped shirts can also help a lot in giving you the length illusion, as long as the stripe pattern of the shirts are going down. This means that you have to choose a shirt with a well-fitting design since it is quick way to add some extra height to your body.  

Aside from that, it is also best that you stick to a shirt well-fitted shirt that is long enough that you can tuck it in. The truth is that a shirt that is tucked in can help draw attention to the legs that the cover, which can shorten the look. And, one last tip is that you should spend more money on custom made shirts and make sure that you choose to use the professional services of a highly reputable custom shirt businessFinding the right professional tailor for you can change drastically your look in a suit. And, they will also make sure that you will wear a well-fitted shirt that can cater to your specific body shape. 

Things to Avoid When Wearing a Shirt 

We have covered some few rules on what are the shirts that you can wear, which heavily depends on what certain kind of shape you have. However, there are some things that you must avoid when choosing a shirt, regardless of your body type. Ignoring these very important rules can only lead you to feeling and looking uncomfortable in your shirts that even your best button-down shirt that everyone else agreed looked better on the hanger.  

Shirts that Tightly Fitted Around Your Arms 

It is very important that you can easily move around in your shirt. You may not be that ready to play sports in it, however, shirts that are fitting tight around the arms is certainly a no go. Don’t get the idea that a tight fitted shirt around the arms is the only answer to make your arms appear bigger since it will actually simply make your arms look even skinnier, making you look like oddly proportioned.